See Challonge in Finnish here.

25.05.2016 @ Supercell HQ. 20 participants.


  1. You are allowed to use all your cards and change them between every game. Checking opponent’s deck from her/his profile is absolutely forbidden and accumulates immediate disqualify. Viewing on-going games and old replays allowed.
  2. We’re playing five rounds of Swiss. One round consists of three matches against same opponent. Winning one match give you three points, tie gives you one point. Time to change decks between matches is 90 seconds.
  3. Three best players advances to single elimination. If players are tied, winner is choose with following criteries:
    1. Wins from players with same score.
    2. Average of your opponents scores (best and last removed).
    3. Won matches.
    4. By draw.
  4. Top eight games are played best of three.